Just like a theatre set design begins telling a story before any actors step on stage, the look of your props can provide a jump-start to your presentations.

I’ve created a series of paper envelopes, sized just right for a small packet of poker-sized playing cards.

Rather than removing cards from a plain black vinyl wallet, these envelopes can set the stage for the magic about to occur. Each envelope design introduces a theme or concept which ties in to common themes for packet tricks.

Take, for example, this “Chase The Ace” routine. If you’d like to judge a trick by its cover, the little folder adds a touch of class to this street hustle.

Bonus! I discovered it also serves a purpose for the finale of Michael Skinner’s “Ultimate Three Card Monte” See the video for an abbreviated performance.

With the printable pages, and instructions below, you can make your own envelopes which may inspire new ideas for your presentations.

Three examples from the collection of printable packet envelopes.

Marked Cards

Good for this trick where the four cards change to show big, bold marks on the back.

Optical Illusion

Introduce the topic of illusions with this, where the red lines appear to not be parallel.

Psychic Testing Kit

For any mentalism tricks such as B’Wave or a packet of Zenner cards.

Download & Print Pages

You can print and make your own envelopes. The PDF download includes six nine fourteen different designs. (so far!) You can print them all, or just the pages you want.

Important Printing Tips

  • Print from the PDF file, not images on this page.
  • Ensure you print at “Actual Size” or “100% Scale”
  • Do not “Stretch To Fit” or “Fit To Page” (your envelope will be too big)
  • Print the pages single-sided.

The envelope template is designed for 1 to 5 Poker size cards. For larger packets, 5 to 10 cards, I suggest printing the templates at 103% size.

If you’d like to design your own, you can download the blank envelope template.

Packet Folder
Download PDF

How to Make Envelopes

If you want your envelopes to stand up to wear and tear, I suggest using a self-adhesive laminate (or clear packing tape) on the page before cutting out the shapes.


Cut out the envelope along the solid outline. It’s best not to cut out the half-circle notch until it has been folded.

Score and Fold

Use a ruler to drag a score across the dashed line. This will ensure sharp, straight folds.

Glue and Finish

Glue the tabs, fold over the envelope, and cut out the half-circle notch. You’re all done!

Laminate For Durability

I like to use a self-adhesive plastic laminate to make my envelopes last. You can use laminating sheets from the office supply store, or carefully lay down strips of clear packing tape.

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11 thoughts on “Wrap The Packet

  1. Seth K. says:

    John Bannon uses unique envelopes and ‘wraps’ for some of his Fractal packet tricks. His simplest is a $1.00 bill wrapped around the packet and secured with a special fold.

  2. Mike Rogers says:

    Perhaps customize the envelopes before printing, like your “Thank You” certificate?
    There could be a space for title or Name of trick, on front. Because we may not use a ‘trick’ for a while, one may forget some of the ‘details’ on how to perform it, so… a space for instructions/reminder on back, on patterned envelope or plain. (Using coloured paper?)

  3. Carl Lang says:

    I use “packet” tricks a lot. I agree with Mike and would like the ability to customize the envelope. Overall, a great idea.

  4. Ken Schreibman says:

    Ryan, these are brilliant! I’ve also been printing my own envelopes, but yours are better.
    It would be great if you could also provide us with a blank template that we could use with Word or other applications, so we could make our own unique envelopes. (I’d be certainly happy to share whatever I create with you.)

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks Ken! There is a blank PDF template available in the post above, but it may not work too well for Word. I will send you an email with a blank Word template. I’d love to see what you come up with!

  5. Dale Lorzo says:

    Greetings Ryan,
    Your templates have proven very useful. I have converted several packet tricks to Jumbo cards and have enlarged your templates to fit them. Changing the size and proportions were an easy fix with Preview on my Mac.

  6. Dave says:

    Looks really great!!! These will prove to be very helpful. May I have one of those blank word templates as well? Keep up the great work and thank you very much!!!

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