In my quest to do fewer card tricks I was thrilled to find Paul Vigil’s routine for the Phantom Pin in his book Doors to Deception. It’s visual, direct, and a wonderfully tactile illusion that is unlike anything else I perform.

The original trick is sourced from Tarbell volume 3, titled “Phantom Safety Pin” which is easy to overlook as a quick stunt. A safety pin is “ripped” from a cloth handkerchief without causing any damage.

In fact, I would have overlooked it myself if it wasn’t for the respect I have for Paul Vigil and his careful selection of material. He was right, and it has become the thing I carry in my pocket these days.

In playing with the routine, where a pin is pulled through the fabric, I started stewing on an idea to magically put the pin ON to the handkerchief.

Here’s a video showing the idea, with two unique handlings.

Practically speaking, these would best serve as openers to the Phantom Pin sequence.

The video does not explain the handling, but can probably be worked out from viewing. (let me know if you have a question) I welcome you to play with the idea, and encourage you to look up the classic trick in Tarbell.

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3 thoughts on “Phantom Pin Opener

  1. Monte Holder says:

    Interesting magic with a safety pin. Always enjoyed the linking safety pins years. First routine I every saw with the safety pins was performed by Charles Green and I’m sure he is still performing it even today. Thanks! for sharing.

  2. Dana Law says:

    Well done and clean. What type of show would you integrate it into? Where have you performed it?
    I deeply appreciate your teaching.
    Dana Law

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