Ryan shares a Half-Baked idea for a card trick inspired by Harry Houdini. Download the photo, print it out, and make some magic!

Houdini Pocket


Get The Printable Image

JPG Image (2.7 MB)

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6 thoughts on “Houdini’s Pocket – Card Trick Idea

  1. Ronald Zimmer says:

    Ryan, I saw your lecture with Drew and Donna the other evening and really like your enthusiasm and your creativity. I am a hobbyist currently and haven’t performed for about 20 years other than for my wife and at magic clubs but really enjoy your work

    • Ryan says:

      Thank you Ron. Being a 20+ year member of magic clubs myself, I appreciate anybody who’s willing to step up, share and perform. We’re all in it for the love of magic.

  2. Robert Durante says:

    I edited the card out of the pocket. So I have one without card one photo with card and used a himber wallet. Mpw you show the photo with pocket empty and then did the card trick portion and showed the wallet with the photo now showing the 3 in his pocket.

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