Edward Victor’s EYE Trick

Watch the performance by Ryan Pilling and fill out the form below to get the full tutorial.

Edward Victor’s “E-Y-E Trick” can often be found in many footnotes, but rarely on stage behind the footlights. It is most famous for being the inspiration for Alex Elmsley’s famous count, but I’ve never seen the trick itself.

I started learning the E-Y-E Trick as a historical curiosity, but I was inspired with a potential performance piece, worthy of modern audiences. I wrote out a script of almost-but-not-quite jokes to go along with it, and adapted the handling for a stand-up show.

Edward Victor sold the rights to this trick to Ken Brooke, who released it as a dealer item in 1952. You can find the E-Y-E instructions republished in two books:

– “The Magic of Edward Victor’s Hands” by Rae Hammond (1995)
– “Ken Brooke: The Unique Years” published by Supreme Magic (1980)