This lightweight “magic box” is an extremely affordable and versatile utility to help your magic show run more smoothly.

Part One

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – The OLD box that is getting replaced
2:27 – All hail SKUBB
4:05 – And the family of little boxes
4:53 – Make the box pack smaller
6:32 – Adding Velcro inside
8:00 – Making custom compartments
8:57 – The challenge of big Rings
10:20 – Divide and conquer
12:02 – Custom clips and accessories

Dumps, steals, prop management, and even the option for advertising!

Part Two

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – How to make a sign for your case
3:51 – Attaching your sign with magnets
6:16 – More tips on Velcro accessories and clips
7:34 – Some sign design suggestions

SKUBB boxes

These are made with the SKUBB series of boxes from IKEA, which means they should be available worldwide!

The large box comes in a set of three for $19 CAD.

The inside compartments come in a set of six assorted sizes for $9.99 CAD

You may find similar closet-organizer or storage boxes that fold flat. However, I found these SKUBB boxes to be more durable than most, as they are made with a corrugated plastic inside rather than cardboard.

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6 thoughts on “The Black Magic Box

  1. Mike Rogers says:

    Great thinking by placing tape ‘sticky side’ out and let the magnet find it’s own centre..
    Solves the “Polarity” problem. If magnets were wrong way around, the sign would be ‘repelled’ al the time.

  2. Jan says:

    Great “SKUBB-Tips”!! Immediatly I went to the German-Ikea-Homepage, found them and… believe me: a compliation of 6 (!) different sizes for 5,99 € (9.90 CAD). Thank you for your tips!! Greetings from Germany & Happy Easter!

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