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Anybody (beginner, amateur, pro) who performs magic with the intent to entertain and mystify people.

How This Website Operates

The focus of this website is to help magicians grow to become better magicians.

Our tips and tricks are intended for magicians who are performing for “real audiences” of regular people. This is not magic for magicians.

We are inclusive for all people and skill levels. Check your ego at the door. Regardless of your experience, there is still something new to learn and ways to improve.

While we do offer some items in our shop, we are not prescribing that you “buy something” to solve all your problems. Usually our favourite tips are either cheap hacks or good old fashioned hard work!

When we do offer something for sale, our advertising is intended to be as open and transparent as possible. Our products are focused on serving professional performers, and you shouldn’t be left wondering what it really is, or if it’s actually going to help you. We spend more time creating great products, and less time creating slick advertising.

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Ryan Pilling

A magician in the making for over 20 years, Ryan has learned a few tips and tricks along the way and is always keen to share the lessons learned with his fellow magicians.

At the moment, Ryan is the one and only voice here on, as it grew out of “Ryan’s Tips & Tricks for Magicians.” Maybe another practical-minded performer will be keen to join the team some day.

A few magic credits:

  • 1996 – First launched Ryan’s Magic Page on the world wide web, which was the first of many website projects intended to connect with and share between magicians.
  • 2000 – Published Half-Baked: A Journal of Ideas That Aren’t, which Richard Kaufman praised as the first magic magazine to offer both print and digital subscription options.
  • 2013 – Founded the WowFest Magic Arts Festival in Calgary.
  • 2015 – Authored Finding the Funny, which teaches magicians and other solo entertainers how to work with audience volunteers and improvise comedy in response to the world around them.
  • 2018 – Authored Magician In Progress, lecture notes that are closer to a lecture book, and was honoured to present a handful of lectures around Canada, sharing his original takes on stand-up and stage magic.
  • 2020 – Inspired by the worldwide shut-down of the magic industry, Ryan created as a platform for magic clubs to go online, and became technical producer for the International Brotherhood of Magicians Live JAM lecture series.